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Services offered

  • Frame fabrication
  • Custom rear-ends
  • Ford 9" 3rd member assembly
  • Custom drive lines; steel aluminium and carbon fiber
  • Suspension and brake upgrades

Custom Cockpits & Decking

Allen's Automotive Inc. is your one stop shop for anything body related from custom cockpits and decking for any brand of race car to full bodies! This car featured in the pictures above is the 2018 Agitator Chassis built and drove by Brian McGowen. Featuring a sleek and aerodynamic curved dash panel, modern looking custom gauge panel, and access panels that can be taken out of the decking above the battery for easy charging and a large panel above the fuel cell for pull bar access and doubles as your exception panel. We can build to any style you may want this is just one of the many styles that we have built.

Bolt in Lower Link Brackets

Bolt in Lower Link Brackets

We are now offerings GRT Midwestmod and B-Modified bolt in bracket updates! This update is for all GRT modifieds. These brackets also feature two rows of holes which permits Midwest mods to run the legal length trailing arms 16” in the front holes or B-modifieds 15” trailing arms in the back holes.

Custom Bodies

Full custom modified bodies built to perfection by the best fabricators in the business!

Frame Repair

Allen's Automotive Inc. is your one stop shop for any kind of frame repair on any style or chassis brand. Pictures is a GRT chevelle modified that our experienced fab team replaced a wrecked front clip on.

  • Front Clip repair/replace
  • Rear clip repair/replace
  • Update chassis

Be sure to contact us for quick and affordable frame repair work that will leave your chassis looking brand new again!

Frame Repair

GRT front clip frame repair and replace finished result!

Custom Brake Hats

Custom brake hats designed and manufactured to your specific needs!